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Aug 2015 – ‘Diddy TV’ and ‘Class Dismissed’ film over summer

Two new sketch shows which I’ve written material for have been filming over the summer: ‘Diddy TV’, for which I’ve been a lead writer, is a sequel to the BAFTA-winning ‘Diddy Movies’. Again starring Dick and Dom, this time the show’s spoofing the TV schedules and ad breaks, from Strictly Come Dancing to Bake Off. ‘Diddy TV’ is set for broadcast on CBBC at the end of 2015. ‘Class Dismissed’, also for CBBC, is inspired by reality shows like ‘Educating Essex’, and takes place in a weird and wonky school, where the teachers definitely need more help than the students.

April 2015 – ‘A Long Long Crime Ago’ premieres Easter weekend

A LONG LONG CRIME AGO, the series I’ve co-created and written for CBBC, will get its premiere across Easter weekend, Good Friday to Easter Monday at 4.30pm on the CBBC Channel. The four episodes put fairy tale characters on trial for their crimes, with a jury of real kids deciding their fate. The cast is led by Gordon Kennedy, Samuell Benta, John P. Arnold and Gabriel Quigley. I developed the show with BBC Scotland, and it mixes courtroom drama, CSI reconstructions and fairy tale funny bits.

Nov 2014 – BAFTA Award win for ‘Diddy Movies 2’

An episode of ‘Diddy Movies 2‘ that I co-wrote has won the 2014 BAFTA CHILDREN’S AWARD FOR BEST COMEDY. I’ve been a lead writer on both series of the show, and the winning episode ‘High Broom & A Christmas, Christmas Movie’ was produced by Steve Ryde and directed by Dez McCarthy. The award was announced at a ceremony on November 23rd. Also nominated in the Comedy category was ‘DNN: Definitely Not Newsround‘, for which I was a regular sketch writer on this second series.

May 2014 – ‘A Long Long Crime Ago’ series commissioned

CBBC has commissioned a mini-series of ‘A LONG LONG CRIME AGO’, the show that puts fairy tale characters on trial for their crimes. I’ve been developing the show with BBC Scotland over the last two years, including a pilot script, and I’m now writing the four half hour episodes. The series will mix courtroom drama, CSI reconstructions, and fairy tale funny bits; shooting starts late 2014.